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Wales' matches at Stade de France

Wales' previous matches at Stade de France

March 2021France vs. Wales

Last match of the tournament, this France/Wales is looking very tantalising!

October 2020France vs. Wales

The French team will begin its autumn campaign at Stade de France with a “friendly” match against the formidable Welsh side.

February 2019France vs. Wales

Jacques Brunel’ players will start their 2019 tournament with a game against Wales, who came second in 2018.

February 2015France/Wales

After a victory snatched, not without difficulty, against Scotland (15-8) in the opening game, and then a defeat in Ireland (18-11), the French XV had to face Wales at Stade de France on February 28 2015 during the third round of the Six Nations Championship. The French XV ultimately did not measure up to the more realistic and concrete Welsh, with a final score of 20-13. Another defeat which highlighted the shortcomings of the French XV.

February 2013France/Wales

On February 9 2013, in the France/Wales Six Nations Championship match at Stade de France, Wales beat France 16-6. Both teams were neck and neck before a try from North in the 72nd minute tilted the score in favour of the Welsh right at the end of the game. What a shame for the French XV!

Wales' matches at Stade de France


About the Wales rugby team

The Welsh rugby union team represents Wales in the Six Nations Championship, the Rugby Union World Cup and major international rugby union competitions.

Rugby union is a popular sport that is part of the national culture of Wales. No wonder that its national team is considered one of the best national teams in the world because of its record. The Welsh largely dominated the Five Nations Championship in the 1970s, with 8 victories between 1969 and 1979. The famous back, JPR Williams, is the only Welsh player to have won these eight titles. He and several other Welsh players in the 1970s (Gerald Davies, John Taylor, Phil Bennett, Gareth Edwards, Barry John) are considered as some of the greatest players in the history of rugby union.

On October 5 2015, the Wales team was placed third in the rugby union national team rankings.

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