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Stade Toulousain's matches at Stade de France

Stade Toulousain's previous matches at Stade de France

March 2014Stade Français Paris/Stade Toulousain

On March 22 2014, Stade Français Paris and Stade Toulousain faced each other in the Top 14 championship. This Stade Toulousain match at Stade de France ended in a draw (27-27), after a thrilling game where the teams from Paris and Toulouse tried wholeheartedly without any preliminaries. The first half was mostly dominated by Paris, where the scrum-half, Julien Dupuy, made hay, landing a 55-metre penalty, scoring a try almost single-handed and making another for his young team-mate, Jules Plisson. And all that in just 17 minutes. Guy Novès' men nevertheless managed to claw their way back in the second half, from 27-5 (33rd minute) to 27-20 (50th minute). They finally managed to snatch a draw right at the end of the game.

January 2014Racing Métro 92/Stade Toulousain

On January 25 2014, in a match moved to Stade de France, Racing Métro 92 dominated Stade Toulousain, with a final score of 25-5. It should be noted that Stade Toulousain had to do without seven senior players, all selected for the French XV, and injured players (including McAlister, Dusautoir and Fritz). The Welshman Mike Phillips and the Irishman Jonathan Sexton were the main players in this resounding victory for Racing Métro 92.

Stade Toulousain's matches at Stade de France


About Stade Toulousain

Stade Toulousain, founded in 1890 in Toulouse, is a French sports club best known for its rugby union team. Jean-René Bouscatel has been President of the club since 1992.

Stade Toulousain's team plays in the Top 14 and regularly challenges for the European Cup. Guy Novès was its coach for over twenty years before being replaced by Ugo Mola in 2015. The mascot of the club was a lion named "Ovalion" which was replaced in 2011 by a new mascot called "Ovalion 2".

Stade Toulousain is also the most successful club in France and in Europe, with 19 French rugby union championship trophies and 4 European championship trophies (1996, 2003, 2005, 2010). Hugues Miorin and Jérôme Cazalbou are some of its iconic players with seven French championships won with the club.

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