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Six Nations Tournament


March 2022 France / Angleterre 2022 The French team will round out this 2022 tournament with the perennial and unmissable Crunch at Stade de France. After a narrow defeat at Twickenham in the 2021 tournament, Les Bleus will be fired up to avenge that insult in this final match of the home competition, with the hopes of winning the 2022 edition. We can all look forward to a fantastic rugby showdown with the reigning world vice-champions!
February 2022 France / Irlande 2022 The second match of the 2022 Six Nations Tournament, France vs Ireland at Stade de France will already be decisive for the French team if it wants to come out of this competition the winner.
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Six Nations Tournament

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Each year, it is an unchanging tradition. During the month of February, the major European players in rugby take to the field for the famous Six Nations Tournament. As its name suggests, each year, six teams compete again for the previous year's trophy: England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy. Each team plays, by definition, five matches, and the ranking established after these different matches determines that year's winner.

The French team in European rugby

Depending on the year, the French team plays two or three of its matches at home. More precisely, these matches are held at Stade de France, a privileged place of the exploits of French sport for more than fifteen years now.

The dates of the matches taking place at Stade de France are planned well in advance so it is easy to book your evening or afternoon for that enjoyable moment. For example, the schedule for the 2016 Six Nations Tournament is already available, even though the 2015 Six Nations Tournament has not yet finished!

Supporting the French team at Stade de France

Supporting the French team at Stade de France is the promise of having a good time, in a particularly pleasant enclosure surrounded by a crowd of enthusiasts, if not connoisseurs. No one has forgotten the fabulous Grand Slams (i.e. five victories in the five games played) achieved by the French team during the last fifteen years (2002, 2004 and 2010). Everyone can remember the fantastic epic of the French team at Stade de France in the match against England (in 2010), finally won 12-10 by France and allowing the red, white and blues to achieve a ninth Grand Slam in the Six Nations Tournament.

Even though the French team seems to be struggling this year, there is no doubt that this difficulty is only temporary. Its coaches will succeed in putting the French team back on track so that the next matches at Stade de France, in the 2016 Six Nations Tournament, are successes that will make the spectators dream and will testify to the greatness of the French team within European rugby.

The programme for the 2016 VI nations tournament:

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