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Mylène Farmer at Stade de France

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Mylène Farmer’s previous concerts at Stade de France

September 20092009 Tour

Mylène Farmer appeared on stage at Stade de France for two nights in a row, on September 11 and 12, 2009. Tickets for these two shows disappeared in less than 2 hours, confirming that her fans were still crazy about the performer's concerts.

Mylène Farmer at Stade de France


Biography of Mylène Farmer

Mylène Gautier, her real name, was born on September 12, 1961 in Pierrefonds near Montreal. She came to France at the age of 10. In the early 1980s, she met Laurent Boutonnat.

In 1984 he wrote the song "Maman à tort" for her, which became a hit upon its release in March.

Mylène Farmer, an icon

From the outset, Mylène Farmer cultivated an ambiguous image as a Lolita ingénue, an image that came into its own with the release of her first album in January 1986, "Cendres de lunes", which sold a million copies!

The first single from the "Libertine" album came out in March. "Ainsi soit je", her second album, came out in 1988 and marked one of the highlights of French pop in the 80s. This album became the first diamond album awarded to a female singer in France.

Spectacular concerts

In a 30-year career, Mylène Farmer has performed only six tours that have been, each time, much anticipated by her fans. For each tour, she puts on a real American show.

"Timeless 2013", her last tour, ran for 3 months from September to December 2013 in 5 countries including France.

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