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France - Wales: experience a legendary encounter as a VIP!

Wales's previous matches at Stade de France

February 2019France vs Wales 2019

Jacques Brunel’s players will begin their 2019 championship with a match against Wales, who finished second in 2018.

February 2015France vs Wales 2015

February 2013France vs Wales 2013

France - Wales: experience a legendary encounter as a VIP!


Every two years, the French rugby team hosts Wales in its legendary stadium, Stade de France: a special place for national and international sporting exploits for more than 20 years

The Wales rugby team has a great record, a country that has rugby in its soul and a match that has marked this sport’s history.
We invite you to discover this nation through the prism of Rugby and then the VIP programmes of Stade de France so as not to miss the next France - Wales matches.

About the Welsh rugby team

A Celtic nation that vibrates at the pace of the oval ball

The Wales rugby team nicknamed the ‘Wales Dragons’ - the emblem of the Welsh flag - or the Red Devils, is very popular in its country. Rugby, the true religion that excites this Celtic people, has even dethroned football and represents the national sport. It’s entirely part of their culture! The Red Devils’ home is in Cardiff at the national stadium: the Millennium Stadium, also called the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Recognisable by its red jersey decorated with a crest featuring ostrich feathers of the Prince of Wales and its white shorts, the Welsh team has one of the best records in rugby union. It has won the European rugby tournament on 23 occasions, including ten Grand Slams. This nation has not missed a single Rugby World Cup since its creation, and finished as a semi-finalist in 1987, 2011 and 2019.

A look back at the legendary France - Wales match

For those who love rugby, when we talk about France - Wales matches, we immediately think of this famous match from 2017, which remains etched in rugby history and in the popular memory of both French and Welsh fans! To round off the illustrious European rugby tournament, the French team hosted the Wales Dragons at Stade de France. This match became famous because instead of playing the usual 80 minutes, the match lasted 100 minutes. A real record in the Rugby world! 20 minutes of unbearable suspense in extra time for a winning finish by the French team on their home pitch and in front of their fans.

Future France - Wales meetings as a VIP

If you too want to experience a legendary match and enjoy the live experience of the next France - Wales encounters as a VIP, Stade de France offers a wide range of Hospitality offers. For fans of the French team or the Red Devils, the packages associated with these meetings range from the friendly atmosphere of the pre-match lounge to a personalised box to thank your employees or to forge and maintain business relationships. Stade de France is, above all, a range of VIP offers adapted to your challenges. Attending an encounter like France - Wales is always an exceptional moment that combines your brand with the positive values of rugby, such as team spirit, passion, solidarity, respect, etc. In short, a summit meeting beneficial to your business!

To enjoy the best France - Wales VIP experience as close as possible to your favourite nation, we invite you to discover the Hospitality Programmes at Stade de France for this European rugby tournament. You can also keep informed about upcoming matches on the "Rugby schedule" page.

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