Connect free of charge to hd wi-fi* at Stade de France

Stade de France provides you with free access to an HD WI-FI connection throughout the stadium, and at no cost. As soon as you arrive, you can log on to the "Stade de France” network, to surf the Internet, send an email or share your emotions on social networks.

Accessing the WI-FI network is very simple:

1.Connect to the free-of-charge "Stade de France” wi-fi network.
2.Open a web page to automatically access the identification portal, if it does not launch.
3.Enter your Login (Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo or Gmail) or create an account.
There you go, you’re connected!
4.If you want to have a more intense experience, you can download our Mobile App on Google Play and the App Store

HD WI-FI* at Stade de France

Application mobile STADEFRANCE

Connectivity provided for
80 000

20 000
simultaneous connections

More than 1000
beacons installed for
precise geolocation and
targeted notifications

1070 WI-FI
terminals installed including
in the stands

More than 75 km
of fibre optics

*High Density

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