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TCPU Tickets games organised FFF French Football Federation

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use of Tickets for matches organised by the FFF in France
Matches of the French Teams and
Matches of the French Teams and French Football Cup Final

SECTION 1­ Scope and Definitions

Article 1 - Scope

These provisions govern the conditions under which the Public is admitted entry into the Matches referred to below. The Public certifies that it has read and understood all the general terms and conditions of purchase and use of the Tickets. Applying for a Ticket and/or holding same constitutes unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions in their entirety.

Article 2 - Definitions

The following words shall have the following meanings in this document:

"Ticket"means a ticket to a Match acquired free of cost or against consideration including in the scope of a PASS, except for a Place&vous Electronic Ticket subject to its own general conditions of purchase and use.

"French Team" means one of the French Football Teams or the national male or female football teams.

"FFF" means the French Football Federation or its bodies acting under its control.

"Match"" means any match (including its curtain raiser, if any) played in France by a French Team and organised by the FFF for the qualifiers of European and/or international competitions respectively governed by UEFA and FIFA – each friendly match (including its curtain raiser, if any) played in France by a French Team, organised by the FFF and for which the FFF holds all the commercial and marketing rights (excluding gala and/or charity matches organised by FIFA and/or UEFA and/or a third party other than the FFF), - the French Football Cup Final (including its curtain raiser, if any).

"PASS" means any package allowing the user to take advantage of several Tickets to attend matches of the French Team predefined by the FFF, and under the conditions defined by said body.

"Points of sale" means the FFF ticket offices and/or stadiums and/or partner stores and/or accredited service providers and/or accredited minitel and/or web sites issuing Tickets.

"Stadium" means the sports ground in which the Match is played. The sports ground is composed of the playing area or adjacent area, the field, parking areas and adjoining buildings, the gallery, corridors, stairs, aisles and access roads (excluding public roads).

"Sale" means the transfer of Tickets in consideration of payment.

The singular form of each of these definitions shall include its plural form and vice versa whenever the context so allows or so requires.

SECTION 2 – Tickets

Article 3 - Terms of issue

3.1 Points of sale

Depending on the nature of the Match, the FFF sets up a system for Sale to the Public via its own Points of sale. Before the Tickets are offered for sale, an exhaustive list of these Points of sale is published on the website or may be obtained upon simple written request to the FFF (87 Boulevard de Grenelle – 75738 PARIS Cedex 15 – FRANCE). Only those Points of sale included on this list shall be authorised to offer Tickets for sale to the exclusion of any others.

3.2 Processing of Ticket applications

Each Point of sale shall set the terms and conditions for processing applications (order, allocation, withdrawal and/or delivery terms, etc.), as the overall ticket acquisition process forms the subject of a written agreement with the FFF. It is hereby specified that the number of Tickets per application for a single Match may be limited. In this case, if the same person makes more than one application for a single Match, only the first application, all Points of sale combined, shall be taken into account. Applying for a Ticket shall in no way imply a guarantee or obligation concerning acceptance of said application.

3.3 Ticket price

Ticket prices are set only by the FFF. It draws up a price structure depending on the category of the seats, the venue and the nature of the Match.

Prior to each Match, the FFF and the various Points of sale publish the price and the number of categories of seats available.

On a regular or one-off basis, the FFF may grant preferential prices to works councils, subscribers, a player's family, fan clubs, etc. for some Matches and for certain categories of seats. The conditions of such special prices will be regularly published on the FFF website (

Based on the sporting calendar, subscriptions may be proposed and they shall form the subject of special subscription conditions as applicable.

The sale price of each Ticket is written on the front.

The price is firm and may not be changed.

Whenever Tickets have to be shipped, the related costs (post, bank transfer cost and administrative cost) shall be incumbent upon the requesting party.

3.4 Methods of payment

The various accepted methods of payment (cash, check, bank card, electronic payment) shall be specified by each Point of sale. Payment shall be made upon order in a single instalment and for the entire amount. The Sale shall be terminated as of right if there is non-payment or late payment of the order.

3.5 Right of withdrawal

The purchaser of the Ticket(s) is hereby informed that pursuant to the provisions of Article L.121­20­4 of the French Consumer Code, given that the sale of Tickets involves leisure services to be provided at a given date, it is not subject to application of the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles L.121­20 and following of the French Consumer Code with regard to distance selling.

SECTION 3 – Use of the Tickets

Article 4 - Terms and conditions of use of the Tickets

4.1 Characteristics of the seat

All Tickets entitle their holder to a personal seat or standing room in the Stadium that shall be valid for a given Match.

The Ticket holder may only occupy the seat allocated for said Match in Stadiums with numbered seating.

Ticket holders shall comply with the area defined on the Ticket (block, gallery, etc.) for Stadiums that have standing space and/or seats which are not numbered.

4.2 Conditions of validity of the Tickets.

Tickets cannot be returned nor exchanged.

Tickets shall not be replaced or refunded in the event of loss, theft or destruction.

No duplicate shall be issued.

4.3 Cancellation, match “behind closed doors”, abandonment or change of the date/time/place of the Match

4.3 a) Cancelled Match or match “behind closed doors”

Tickets may be refunded at the face value upon application from the Ticket holder if a scheduled Match is cancelled or played “behind closed doors”, provided that said holder presents the intact original (Ticket + stub joined) to the Point of sale where it was purchased.

The FFF will promptly inform Ticket holders of the refund conditions and times via all methods at its disposal (press, Internet or other communication media).

The FFF will not make any other refund such as in particular the related costs (transport, accommodation, etc.) incurred by the Ticket holder to travel to the Match.

4.3 b) Abandoned Match

If the Match is abandoned after kick-off or at half time, Tickets must be kept by their holder and shall remain valid for the rearranged Match.

If the Match is abandoned during the second half, no exchange, return or refund of the Ticket, whatsoever, shall be granted and the Match shall be considered as having been played.

4.3 c) Match for which the date and/or time and/or place has been changed

In certain circumstances, the FFF may have to change the date and/or time and/or place of a Match with regard to external constraints.

The Public shall be informed by any means and in particular via the press of these changes at the earliest opportunity.

These changes shall not give rise to any exchange or refund of whatever nature.

The Ticket shall remain valid for said Match.

4.4 Restrictions of use

The purchaser of a Ticket (or several Tickets) shall refrain from selling and/or offering for sale and/or transferring said Ticket(s) by whatever means (Internet, etc.) for a value higher than its face value. Owing to security reasons, Ticket holders shall not sell and/or transfer their Ticket(s) to a supporter of the opposing team under any circumstances. Ticket holders shall ensure that any transferee has full knowledge of these General Terms and Conditions and that said transferee accepts to subject thereto. The Ticket holder shall guarantee that any transferee of said Ticket(s) comply with these General Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the FFF beforehand, all Ticket holders shall refrain from doing the following under penalty of possible legal action:

  • using and/or attempting to use the Ticket for promotional, advertising or commercial purpose whatsoever including by way of example any competition, lottery, auction, give-away, as a premium or any other operation of this type.
  • using or attempting to use the Ticket as part of a hospitality or travel "package" (combining for example the Ticket with a means of transport and/or accommodation and/or catering offer, etc.),
  • associate their name in whatever way with that of the FFF and/or that of any of the French Teams and/or the French Football Cup.

Ticket holders, unless specially authorised, agree not to record, transmit or in whatever manner disseminate and/or reproduce via the Internet or any other equipment that is capable of recording or transmitting any audio, visual or audio-visual material, descriptions or results relating to the Match, in part or in full, nor lend assistance to any individual engaged in such activities. Ticket holders shall not bring into the Stadium where a Match is being played any equipment or device which is capable of any of the aforementioned activities. Any breach of this article may result in legal action being taken against the offender(s).

Any exit is final.

4.5 Miscellaneous

All Ticket holders admitted to the Stadium grant their irrevocable consent, without any compensation, for the FFF to use their voice, image or likeness, taken or recorded during a Match, by video-recording or direct broadcast, transmission or recording, stills or any other hitherto known or unknown medium, throughout the world and without any limit on its duration. The FFF shall be entitled to freely transfer these rights to any third party of its choosing.

SECTION 4 – Conditions of admission to the Stadium – Safety

Article 5

5.1 Restrictions of access

5.1 a)

All individuals (including children) must hold a personal Ticket in order to be allowed entry into the Stadium. Each Ticket must be accompanied by the corresponding control stub. Admission to the Stadium shall be construed as tacit acceptance of the Stadium's internal regulations which may be consulted at the entrances of the Stadium or upon simple written application to the operator thereof.

5.1 b) The following shall not be allowed within the Stadium:

All Ticket holders shall refrain from taking into the Stadium the following articles:

  • political, ideological, philosophical or advertising documents, pamphlets, badges, signs, symbols or banners of whatever size or any medium that can be used for commercial purposes and which may be seen by third parties;
  • any objects that can be used as a weapon or projectile as well as any pyrotechnic articles and alcoholic beverages.

5.2 Security measures

The Public is informed that for its security, the Stadium may be equipped with a video surveillance system placed under the control of judicial police officers and that the images taken may be exploited for judicial purposes. Any member of the Public entering the Stadium may be searched and/or frisked. Any individual who refuses to subject to the control and security measures shall be refused admission into the Stadium without being able to claim any Ticket refund.

SECTION 5 – General provisions

Article 6 - Liability and sanctions

6.1 Personal liability.

The person making the Ticket application (or failing this, the person settling the order for the Tickets) shall ensure that these general terms and conditions of purchase and use are complied with by the holder(s) of the Ticket(s) issued at the time of said application. He/she shall be fully liable for any failure by the Ticket holder to comply with these conditions. Accordingly, he/she undertakes to inform said holders of these Terms and Conditions.

6.2 Sanctions

Any member of the Public who breaches the provisions hereof in whatever way shall lose the right to obtain a Ticket and shall be refused admission into the Stadium or ejected from the Stadium. Any Tickets in his/her possession shall be nullified and their transfer shall be rendered null and void. The sums already paid shall remain the property of the FFF without prejudice of any civil or criminal action that may be brought against said member of the public by the FFF.

The individual(s) in question shall be obliged to immediately return the Tickets to the FFF and may not attend the Match(Matches).

Article 7 – Effective date – Publication

These conditions shall take effect as from their publication on the FFF website ( The entire text of these provisions is available at all the Points of sale or upon simple written application to the ticketing department of the FFF – 87 Boulevard de Grenelle – 75738 Paris CEDEX 15, FRANCE. In the event of conflict between the wording of these general terms and conditions and the transfer conditions of the Points of sale, these provisions shall prevail.

Article 8 – Data protection

All individuals requesting or using the Tickets consent to use by the authorities of their personal data or other information included on the order form or disclosed during a telephone order in connection with organisation or management of the Match.

Pursuant to the French data protection act, it is hereby specified that the information collected upon application for a Ticket may be subject to data processing. The right of access and rectification provided for in Article 34 of the act dated 6 January 1978 may be exercised with the Point of sale that issues the Ticket or with the FFF – Correspondant Informatique et Libertés (data protection officer) – 87 Boulevard de Grenelle – 75738 Paris CEDEX 15, FRANCE or at the following email address:

Article 9 Foreclosure – Allocation of jurisdiction

Any claim relating to the allocation or refusal of a Ticket or the distribution and the delivery thereof must be sent to the relevant Point of sale no later than two days prior to the date of the Match under penalty of foreclosure.

Any other claim relating to the Game shall be made within two months (as per postmark) from the actual date of the Match by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the FFF – 87 Boulevard de Grenelle – 75738 Paris CEDEX 15, FRANCE, under penalty of foreclosure.

These conditions shall be governed by French law. Failing amicable agreement, all disputes relating to the application hereof, even in the event of multiple defendants shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Paris.


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