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GTCU Stade de France wifi


The purpose of these general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter "the GTCU") is to define the terms and conditions for using the WiFi Internet connection service in the covered areas within the Stade de France enclosure. The Stade de France visitor (hereinafter "the Visitor") using the WiFi service provided free of charge by CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE (hereinafter "the Service") is required to comply with the following provisions, and in particular the French law of 6 January 1978 on information technology, files and civil liberties (hereinafter "the Data Protection Act"), infringements of which are liable to criminal penalties.

CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE reserves the right at any time to adapt or modify these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Therefore, the Visitor is invited to consult the General Terms and Conditions of Use on a regular basis in order to keep informed of the most recent changes.

To benefit from the Service, the Visitor must first of all have registered on the home page, which can only be accessed via a device (mobile telephone, computer, tablet, etc.) from within the Stade de France enclosure. To do this, once on the Service's home page, the Visitor must enter the information requested, accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use by checking the corresponding box, and then confirm their registration. The Visitor undertakes to supply the correct information.


Consortium Stade de France's collection and processing of the personal data communicated by Visitors – namely their last name, first name, email address, and, where applicable, their social network (Facebook, twitter, Yahoo or Google, depending upon the Visitor's registration method) identifiers – are required to respond to any requests made by them and to enable the Service to be made available. The entity in charge of said processing data is Consortium Stade de France, Marketing Department, ZAC du Cornillon Nord, 93216 SAINT-DENIS LA PLAINE CEDEX, FRANCE, phone: +33 (0)1 55 93 00 00.

Depending upon the choices made when registering for the Service, the Visitor's personal data may be used for prospecting purposes and the Visitor may receive offers from CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE, and from other companies or commercial partners, by email, telephone or SMS.

With regard to the Visitor's identification and log-in data (log-in and IP address), all operators of a WiFi network are required to keep this information for one year after it has been recorded.

In accordance with articles 38 to 40 of the Data Protection Act, Visitors have the right to access, object to, and correct data relating to them. This right can be exercised by a letter, with a copy of the identity document for the person concerned, sent to the Consortium Stade de France Customer Services Department at Zac du Cornillon Nord, 93200 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex, France.

The processing of the file has been declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté - the French Data Protection Authority) under number n°1402513.


1. CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE, the organiser or any other duly authorised third party may, at their discretion, forbid any photographic, sound or audio-visual capture by Visitors during their visit to Stade de France.

In the case where taking photographs is not forbidden in Stade de France, Visitors are forbidden to send, transmit or receive via the Internet, by any means whatsoever, any data or content that is prohibited, illicit, illegal, contrary to public decency or to public order, including, but not limited to, content that is paedophilic, pornographic, incites racial hatred or the commission of xenophobic or anti-semitic crimes or offences, or infringes the image rights and the rights to privacy of others, or more generally the rights of third parties and in particular intellectual property rights.

The Visitor undertakes to comply strictly with these stipulations and shall indemnify CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE against any claims or actions in this regard. If not, the Visitor will be liable for all the consequences of breaching these stipulations, and in particular for any damages or compensation that may be due to CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE or to any third party.

2. The Visitor undertakes to use the Service in accordance with the rules for good practices on the Internet.

In particular, any fraudulent, abusive or excessive use of the Service is forbidden. This comprises in particular:

  • the intentional or unintentional blockage of the email servers and/or email recipients by indiscriminate direct mail advertising (e.g. spamming) or of the network;
  • the sending of attractive messages necessarily generating an extremely large number of replies and thus able to disrupt the availability of the servers or networks;
  • the provision, downloading, consultation, sharing, exchange, communication of any type whatsoever, in particular by means of so-called "peer to peer" systems or via streaming, of works protected by the intellectual property rights of third parties or any document infringing image rights;
  • piracy in any form whatsoever, intrusion into computer or audio-visual systems, hacking, spreading viruses, Trojan horses or other programs intended to cause harm of any kind whatsoever.

In addition, CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE advises the Visitor that the nature and diversity of the content available on the Internet network may be harmful for minors.

3. It is expressly stated that the Internet is not a secure network. As such, Visitors are responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or systems, in particular from contamination by any viruses circulating over the Internet or a third party's intrusion into their device's systems for any purpose whatsoever, and for carrying out backups on their equipment before and after installing the Service.

In this regard, the Visitor acknowledges that he or she has been fully informed:

  • of the Internet's low level of reliability, especially in terms of the lack of security with respect to data transmissions and the absence of performance guarantees with respect to data transmission speeds and volumes;
  • that the integrity, authentication and confidentiality of information, files and data of any kind that he or she wants to exchange over the Internet cannot be guaranteed.
  • Customers should not, therefore, transmit via the Internet messages whose confidentiality they would wish to be guaranteed absolutely.

4. With regard to the personal data they access, Visitors must not collect or misappropriate such data, or, generally, perform any action likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of others.

5. The Visitor is solely liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties by his or her use of the Service.


CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE is subject solely to an obligation of means with regard to the operation of the Service.

It will endeavour to operate and maintain the accessibility of the Service, but is not bound by any obligation of result. In particular, the Visitor is informed that CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE reserves the right to suspend access to the Service at its discretion, in particular for reasons of maintenance or piracy, without the Visitor being able to make any complaint or challenge in this regard.

In addition, CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE reserves the possibility of limiting at any time the duration or speed of the Internet connection via the Service by devices (mobile telephone, computer, tablet, etc.).

CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE is not liable for any physical, tangible or intangible damages, consequential or not, caused to the Visitor or by the Visitor because of his or her use of the Service.


These General Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to French law.

Should the Visitor use the Service at the Stade de France in their professional capacity, then any dispute relating to the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these General Terms and Conditions of Use will be brought before the qualified courts of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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