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Code of conduct for the StadeFrance page and moderation of the comments

This Code of conduct was drawn up in order to inform users of the “StadeFrance” Facebook Page (hereinafter referred to as “StadeFrance page”) of the conditions for peaceful and user-friendly use of the forum for exchange.

Users of the StadeFrance page fully and unreservedly accept this code of conduct and undertake to comply therewith upon each visit to the page.

The StadeFrance page is open to all and users can freely make wall posts and take part in discussions. All fans are allowed to make posts to the page provided that they respect certain elementary rules of courtesy.

This official page is a forum which aims to develop an internet community around the activities and news linked with the Stade de France and to allow this community to be the first to receive information regarding the Stade de France offers and games as well as exclusive photographs and videos. Users can also share their views with Stade de France and the other Stade de France fans on this page.

Accordingly, the StadeFrance page is managed, coordinated and moderated in keeping with these aims.


Users have free access to the StadeFrance page provided they have a Facebook account in accordance with the conditions defined by Facebook. However, to make posts to the StadeFrance page users must have clicked on the “like” button displayed on the StadeFrance page.

It is hereby reminded that the StadeFrance page is subject to the operating conditions of the Facebook website.


This site is published by the Stade de France Consortium, with a share capital of Eur 29,727,558 whose registered office is located at Zac du Cornillon Nord – 93216 Saint Denis la Plaine Cedex, France – Siret (Corporate ID) number: 39945256400020.


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In order to cultivate a user-friendly, trusting environment that fosters constructive exchange, users should:

  • Express their opinion or communicate information relating to topics mentioned on the wall in a user-friendly and simple manner without creating controversy.
  • Avoid posting the same message concerning the same topic several times.
  • Ignore inappropriate or controversial remarks.
  • Not overuse CAPITAL LETTERS as this (by convention) means that you are shouting.
  • Show respect for the discussion and the other contributors.
  • Check the source of information posted in order to avoid misinformation and spreading rumours.

Furthermore, the rules of conduct dictated by Facebook must be complied with, in particular by refraining from and reporting any abuse or imposture to , and ensuring that you follow the confidentiality instructions for your account.


Messages posted on the StadeFrance page are subsequently checked by moderators.

Users of the StadeFrance page acknowledge that their posts may be checked by moderators and deleted at any time. Moderators may check any post that is irrelevant to Stade de France-related topics as well as any offensive, defamatory, insulting or inappropriate comments. Any advertising or promotional messages posted by users on the page will also be deleted.

As such, moderators shall have the discretion to delete any post that does not comply with this code of conduct or that they deem contrary to the spirit of openness and user-friendliness sought by the StadeFrance page.


Each user is personally responsible for the messages posted on the page. To this end, users represent that there is no copyright linked to the information, data, files, videos and photographs posted (e.g.: do not post the photographs of a person without his/her permission).

The user shall strive to ensure that the content of posts complies with the laws and regulations in force and shall refrain from making on the StadeFrance page any post whose content:

- Is or may be contrary to public order, accepted principles of morality or the laws and regulations in force and in particular but not limited to:

  • Violent, disparaging, defamatory, insulting, illicit, obscene, pornographic and paedophilic posts;
  • Posts of a political nature or inciting violence, suicide, revisionism or anti-Semitism;
  • Posts glorifying or justifying war crimes or crimes against Humanity;
  • Posts encouraging a felony or calling for a murder;
  • Posts encouraging discrimination or hatred.

- Is insulting, lewd, vulgar or inappropriate for minors.

- Corresponds to exercise of a commercial activity and in particular but not limited to:

  • Posts containing a hypertext link referring to a commercial website;
  • Advertising or promotional posts.

- Infringes or may infringe on the right of third parties and publicity rights and in particular but not limited to:

  • Posts which reproduce a work or a post protected by intellectual property rights without authorisation (trademarks, copyright and related rights);
  • Posts which infringe on publicity rights and the rights to privacy;
  • Posts which undermine the protection of a third party’s personal data.

- Is detrimental or may be detrimental to the image or reputation of a trademark or a natural or legal person.

Likewise, users must use decent, polite and understandable language and should avoid using jargon and “text speak”. No vulgar, indecent and obscene language will be tolerated. “Smileys” must be used wisely in that they must demonstrate the user’s frame of mind and may under no circumstances be used to insult or degrade another user under the guise of a joke.

Users may delete their own comments at any time based on the features of the Facebook website and are also free to unsubscribe from the StadeFrance page by clicking on the “unlike” button on the StadeFrance page.


The content placed online by the Stade de France Consortium itself, such as texts, logos, trademarks, images, ergonomy, layout as well as any other element making up this page are the exclusive property of the Stade de France Consortium and fall under the French and International copyright and intellectual property legislation.


Users must comply with the intellectual property rights of authors. They must ensure in particular that they do not reproduce and/or disseminate on other Facebook pages or other media the posts made to the StadeFrance page by the members or by the Stade de France Consortium, without obtaining prior authorisation.

Each user authorises the Stade de France Consortium to totally or partially reproduce, publish and disseminate on any medium and for any use, the posts (messages and/or content) made to the StadeFrance page. This authorisation is valid worldwide and for the duration of the copyright.

The user warrants the Stade de France Consortium that he/she holds all the rights necessary to authorise reproduction, publication and dissemination of the posts made online. As such, users shall hold the Stade de France Consortium harmless against any recourse or claim that may be exercised by third parties with respect to their posts.


The Stade de France Consortium strives to update the information that it makes available on the page. However, it grants no guarantees for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of said information.

Likewise, moderators do everything possible to prevent comments from being contrary to public order and acceptable principles of morality however as these comments are immediately posted by the users and checked afterwards, the Stade de France Consortium cannot guarantee the legitimacy, probity or the quality of the said posts.

Users shall use this page at their sole risk and peril and posts shall be made under their sole responsibility. Consequently, the Stade de France Consortium shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the posts, the consequences of their publication in particular in connection with an improperly used item of information and/or an item of information proven inaccurate or incomplete.


The users of the StadeFrance page are aware that the wall is an open forum of discussion. As such, comments may be consulted by all other users of the StadeFrance page, as well as by any Facebook user.


The Stade de France Consortium reserves the right to publish external links to sites/pages.

Although great care is taking in selecting these links, the Stade de France Consortium shall not be held liable for the content, operation and access to these pages/sites nor the use made thereof.

These sites/pages may be subject to specific conditions of use and users are advised to consult them directly.


As a data controller, the Consortium has created a company Facebook page. The information required for accessing this page is intended for Facebook. In accordance with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, modify and delete all data for legitimate reasons and said right may be exercised at the following address: Edit your personnal details


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